Make Your First Impression With The 8-Pocket Portfolio

It is the time of year where students are graduating from school and on to their next journey. Whether it is continuing on to a higher education or starting a new job, it’s always important to leave a positive impression with a professional appearance. C-Line’s 8-Pocket Portfolio with Security Flap has a polished look that is ideal for a job interview, business meeting, social gathering, company function and many other events.

The black and sleek look of the portfolio will make an impression to others and is also perfect for recent graduate students who are job hunting. The pocket feature is great to organize different kinds of materials such as resumes, cover letters, research and much more. It is also light and compact enough to easily carry to an interview. In addition, the security flap will ensure your private documents do not spill out.

For those who are continuing their education, the 8-pocket portfolio is good for extra storage space. The pockets are durable, which will prevent papers from tearing or ripping. Plus, the elastic closure can be wrapped around the back of the front flap, making documents more accessible.

It doesn’t matter if you are recent grad or a full-time employee. The pocket portfolio is so professional-looking that it can be used in any work environment. I like the product so much that I have been using the portfolio myself when going to meetings and have been able to store work-related documents. Who doesn’t want to look good and work efficiently, right?

Content originally posted by C-Line blog