Facility & Breakroom

Facility and breakroom office supplies empower your team with the safety, wellbeing, and energy to successfully master each day at the office. Show your employees they’re appreciated while demonstrating to all office visitors that you take pride in a clean, productive work environment that makes people feel warm and welcome.

Top Facility Supply Advantages

From major cleaning equipment like stand up vacuums and wet vacs to necessary everyday cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, soaps and sprays, Penny Wise carries a huge selection of brand name products to help your office be most effective. Abundant facility supplies are an essential part of every office’s success. Here are just a few of the advantages of working with us to proactively order what you need:

  • Maintain a clean, safe, and secure office work space
  • Be ready for a swift cleanup in the event of a major spill or accident
  • Show everyone that management takes pride in providing a clean and healthy working atmosphere
  • Be prepared for emergency situations with basic healthcare supplies and first aid kits

Top Breakroom Supply Advantages

Breakrooms supplies are a creative way to encourage your employees to stay in the office, get what they need, and return to work. Save everyone time by stocking up on our popular brand name breakroom supplies. Here are some other great reasons:

  • Encourages creative collaboration in a shared, casual environment
  • Fuel up quick with coffee, tea, water, soda, and snacks
  • More time spent in the office and on the job
  • Make guests feel welcome when you offer them a beverage or snack

Find the best facility and breakroom supplies for your office today. Call the experts at Penny Wise at 1-800-942-3311.