Giving Yourself the Gift of Gratitude

Prepare yourself for the holidays and the new year by starting a gratitude journal – a handwritten collection of your personal appreciations and acknowledgements. Did you know that using a gratitude journal can help you better manage stressful situations when they arise? So write out what you are most grateful for, at least twice a week, and give yourself the gift of mindfulness, better sleep and more happiness.

Here are a few prompts to start your gratitude journal:

  • Dwell in your gratitude: Write about your most recent happy memory. What do you see, smell, hear, and feel? Who did you share it with? Write down why you are grateful for this moment in time.
  • Appreciate others: Write about a person in your life that you are especially grateful for and why.
  • Plan to share: List five small ways you can share your gratitude today.

So make the conscious decision to give it a try. Happy journaling!

Keeping a journal full of gratitude and mindfulness will help you learn more about yourself and have a higher sense of self awareness. It’s the perfect way to handwrite your journey into the New Year, and keep your intentions and goals at heart for your resolutions.

Three reasons to keep a mindfulness/gratitude journal:

  • You will grow a deeper appreciation for what you have in your life and gain clarity on what you want for your life and how to get there.
  • This journal is a way to express self-love. It acts as a safe zone for you to express yourself – judgement free!
  • The positivity written in the journal will exercise your brain to seek positivity in any situation (even extremely stressful ones).

Everything you need to conquer the holidays and be your best self is already within you!