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Double A Paper Grows over 500,000 trees with help of farmers in Thailand.

Penny Wise is proud to announce that our partner, Double A Paper, has successfully planted 500,000 trees, meeting the goal of their fantastic One Dream, One Tree Campaign! Throughout the campaign, Penny Wise has helped to provide sustainably produced Double

Posted on: 28 Feb, 2020

The three best colors for a successful, productive office

Is the overall energy and output of your office dragging, leading to a loss of output and – of course – profits? If so, you could benefit from changing up your office’s color scheme. The paint color you choose for

Five Strategies to Cope with Stress and Avoid Burnout

Which list would you like to describe you? – Option 1: Energized, invigorated, focused, passionate, balanced, strong – Option 2: Run-down, sluggish, brain-fogged, stressed, depressed, anxious I’d choose Option One and I’ll bet you would, too. As we start the

Posted on: 21 Jan, 2020

Put Your Health and Fitness First in the New Year

Now is the perfect time to take a few steps to prepare yourself for a strong start to the New Year (and new decade). You have a much better chance of making positive long-lasting changes when you’ve laid the groundwork

Posted on: 8 Jan, 2020
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