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Enter to WIN your own Justick Display Board!

Simply place business cards, reminders, photos, etc. onto your Justick desktop, and, as if by magic – they just stick!   One lucky reader of our blog will win their own Justick Display Board this week! It could be YOU!

Posted on: 26 Jun, 2017

How Gabby Douglas Achieves Her Dreams With A Goal Board

It takes big dreams to become the kind of gymnast Gabby Douglas is. You don’t just stumble onto that kind of success; you have to make a plan. For Gabby, writing it down and visualizing what she wants to achieve

Posted on: 19 Jun, 2017

Tips for managing a busy schedule

A busy schedule seems to be a fact of life, no matter who you are. Between studying, extra-curriculars, and social events, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. But with tools from Post-it® Brand and the determination

Posted on: 19 Jun, 2017

Make Your First Impression With The 8-Pocket Portfolio

It is the time of year where students are graduating from school and on to their next journey. Whether it is continuing on to a higher education or starting a new job, it’s always important to leave a positive impression

Posted on: 19 Jun, 2017