Staying Fit During the Work Day

Staying Fit During the Work Day

A cubicle-bound work week is no longer an excuse for a sedentary lifestyle. The key is to keep moving whenever you get the chance.

1. Go for a walk during your lunch break to get energized

2. Incorporate a sit-stand desk into your work routine to keep active throughout the day

3. Start deskercising during your downtime. Perform these simple, low-impact exercises at your desk and feel the difference in your energy level, flexibility and personal productivity.

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The Art of Writing

The Art of Writing

Writing is not a lost art. In fact, it’s becoming more artful.

Many find it surprising that even in the digital age, people are still writing by hand.

This is no surprise to our partner, Pilot Pen. They’ve discovered the many benefits of handwriting, and explain that the brain fires in a fundamentally different way when you are handwriting versus keyboarding.

• Enhanced Memory

The benefits of hand writing have been observed and measured in the classroom. Recent studies of learning and memory in college students concluded that in-class note takers who used a laptop retained significantly less information compared to those using pen and paper. The students who handwrote their notes had to process and reframe the information, actively engaging more areas of the brain. This process led to deeper comprehension and greater retention of the information versus the verbatim transcription the students employed when using a laptop.

• Enhanced Creativity

Handwriting can also have an important effect on our creative processes and abilities. Creative ideas need time to take shape. The multiple strokes required to form each letter, paired with the more complex brain engagement, appear to give the brain valuable extra time to process and create.

• Enhanced Sense of Well-being

The modern world is fast-paced and stressful, and we are always connected by our digital devices. This has resulted in a sense of digital overload. Many have begun to embrace the idea of ‘digital detox’ – refraining from using electronic devices and embracing physical interaction and analogue communication. Journaling and expressive writing, whereby a person writes down their thoughts, feelings, aspirations and details of their emotional state, have been linked to reduced stress, enhanced mood and even faster healing when done regularly.

There has also been a resurgence in hand lettering and calligraphy. The unhurried process of creating hand-drawn typography causes the brain to work in a complex manner, combining writing and illustration and tapping into both sides of our brain. The results for the writer include beautifully drawn letters, a sense of accomplishment and, often reduced perceived stress levels. Decreasing stress has been shown to increase serotonin, the body’s natural mood-enhancing chemical. With these benefits in mind, it seems clear why this form of writing is core to the digital detox trend.

Handwritten is best!

Personally, I love getting a hand written note in the mail. It’s the very first thing I open. I’ve found when leaving a digital note on a co-workers desk, a handwritten note on top it always gets more attention.

Let us know what you think, and you could WIN a collection of Pilot Pen products for yourself!

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Pro Tips For Stamping Excellence

Pro Tips For Stamping Excellence
Stamping Technique for Best Results

Are you a Faded Farrahor a Blotty Bettywhen using a pre-inked or self-inking stamp? Well no more! With these surefire stamping tips, your stamping frustrations will be a thing of the past!


Always stamp onto a hard, solid surface
      Stamping onto a stack of papers, for example, will result in uneven impressions

Always stamp straight down to avoid overprint (ink smudges where there should be none)
      Overprint is often a result of rocking the stamp left to right or top to bottom while stamping

Pre-inked Stamps

The more pressure used to make the impression, the darker and more distorted the impression
      It does not take much pressure to leave an impression

Self-Inking Stamps 
The more pressure applied, the more ink transferred from stamp to paper
      No matter how hard you stamp, the impression made will not be 100% solid with ink


Creating Stamps with Lines

Always use a minimum line weight of 1pt

      Line Weight point size and Text point size are not the same thing

      Double check line(s) in uploaded artwork have a minimum line weight of 1 point
      When in doubt of line weight, go thicker, not thinner
      Underlines can be used to create lines, but their point size should be minimum 6 sizes greater than the text size


So now that you have a little swagger in your stampmanship – stamp away with confidence!

Remember, we’re here to help you with all of your custom stamp, nameplate, name badge, signage and business stationery needs. Just give us a call or shoot us an email!

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